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Tom Herman Throws Longhorn Team Under The Bus In Monday Press Conference

M. Hofeld


Tom Herman was willing to go out on the field and fight for his players in Stillwater last month, but apparently he wasn’t willing to stand up for them on Monday. While Oklahoma football players were receiving Big 12 accolades on Monday their Big 12 championship game counterparts were being thrown under the bus by their head coach.

After proclaiming that his team had overachieved this year, Herman was asked to clarify the statement.

“We’re playing for a conference title and how many true no-brainer, first-team all-conference guys do we have on our team?” – Tom Herman

There are many ways a person can dissect this statement and the truth is that no one is really going to know what Herman meant by it, unless he comes back to clarify his clarification.

It does however look like Herman is taking full credit, in a very narcissistic way, for all of the Texas success this season. It’s as if he’s saying the Longhorns don’t deserve to be on this stage if you consider the talent they have on the roster. However, when you look at the recruiting classes Texas has landed over the last five years, it’s surprising the Longhorns haven’t had a conference title shot until now.

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