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Red River Redemption | Oklahoma Sooners Claim Victory 39-27 Over Texas Longhorns

Rich DeCray


For the first time in twenty-five contests, the Oklahoma Sooners failed to score a touchdown in the first quarter. Stopped at the goal line, Lincoln Riley’s offense sputtered to an unusual halt. Settling for a field goal in the first quarter, the unit exhausted all three timeouts as well. Pointing toward conservative play calling, the group relinquished control of the contest as the Texas Longhorns beat their chest.

To begin the second quarter, Kyler Murray and the rest of the offense faced a similar situation. Stepping out onto the field Austin Seibert put the ball through the uprights for the second time. On the other end of the field, the defense surrendered yet another touchdown at the hands of Sam Ehlinger. Trading field goals for touchdowns simply wasn’t going to cut it as Oklahoma trailed 14-6 with just under twelve minutes left in the half.

Deciding to change tactics, Murray let the ball fly afterward. Completing a 46-yard pass to Ceedee Lamb, the unit finally posed a legitimate threat. Working down the field, the Sooners found themselves in striking distance once again. However, this one would play out quite differently. Separating himself from a defender, Lamb caught a 28-yard strike to cross the goal line for the first time in the Big 12 Championship.

Opening up the floodgates, the touchdowns came quickly as the Sooners scored 21 unanswered points to take a two score lead. Knowing the game remained far from over, the defense prepared for battle. Allowing two scores, the group provided a spark as Cameron Dicker lined up for the extra point attempt. Snapping the ball for the kick, Amani Bledske managed to tip the ball at the line of scrimmage. Slowing it just enough, the football glanced off the cross bar before falling to the ground.

In one fail swoop, the game ultimately fell into a 27-27 tie with the final quarter of play remaining.

During the last fifteen minutes, the Sooners produced a bit of a gem. Taking control of the contest on a 31-yard field goal from Seibert, the defense stepped up. Forcing a punt after seven plays, an opportunity to extend the lead presented itself.

Rattling off a 56-yard grab, Lamb fumbled the ball. With the potential to turn the game around, the Longhorns snatched up the loose ball. As the OU defense clamped down, the group produced a safety to take a 32-27 point lead. Posting a touchdown on the ensuing drive put all of the pressure on Texas.

Feeling the weight of the world upon his shoulders, Ehlinger attempted to deliver an unlikely win once again. Running and throwing the ball, the quarterback was finding success. Testing the waters again and again Ehlinger let the ball fly in Tre Norwood’s direction. Sensing the on coming pass, the defensive back snagged it out of the air for an interception.

Sealing the fate of the Longhorns, the Oklahoma Sooners have done what many said couldn’t be done…win four consecurive conference titles. This one, a Red River Redmeption story as OU claimed a 39-27 victory!

Now it’s a waiting game as OU has done their part. Giving the selection committee an argument for the No. 4 seed in the playoff, the situation remains fluid. We’ll know the outcome tomorrow.


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