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Kyler Murray’s Flirting With The NFL Is Still Going Strong

M. Hofeld


The Oakland Athletics have to be getting just a little nervous, but Kyler Murray has to at least explore all of his options.

The ninth overall pick in last summer’s MLB Draft, Murray agreed to a $4.66 million dollar contract to become the A’s next up-and-comer. That didn’t stop Murray from taking a flyer at playing college football and, as it turns out, he was pretty good at it. 

Murray set the world of college football on fire this season by throwing for 4,053 yards and running for another 928, while combining to score 51 total touchdowns. A Heisman Trophy award later, Murray has a major decision ahead of him. Stay with baseball or go with football?

On Wednesday Scott Boras, Murray’s agent, softened his stance on the multi-sport star sticking to baseball only as a professional. Then it came out that Kyler’s contract with Oakland includes a provision whereby he’d forgo/repay a very large portion of his signing bonus if he opts to play in the NFL. 

“When you win the Heisman Trophy, you’re going to have a lot of information come to you and be looked at. All I know is that Kyler has a tremendous opportunity to be a great baseball player and he knows that. I think, certainly, that opportunity is already in place, and he has every intention to be in spring training and advance that interest.” 

Scott Boras, Kyler Murray’s agent

Now, we know for sure that Murray’s name was listed among Oklahoma’s draft-eligible underclassman football players submitted to the College Advisory Committee for evaluation. 

This, by no means, is an indicator that the door to the NFL is wide open for Murray, but it does mean that its far from closed.  

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