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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Kyler Murray Graces Cover Of SI’s CFP Preview

Rich DeCray


Since the inception of the College Football Playoff, Sports Illustrated has released a special edition previewing the the pairings. In the past, two former Sooners found themselves featured on the cover. First it was Sterling Shepard gracing the cover in 2015 then it was Baker Mayfield in 2017 in preparation for a meeting with Clemson and Georgia respectively.

Winning the Heisman earlier this month, Kyler Murray continues to appear in various places. The most recent instance just so happens to be the cover of the magazine completing a trio from Oklahoma. Clearly, while some outlets are focused on the future of the dual-sport athlete, SI is focused on the only thing that matters at this point in time — a College Football National Championship.

In the pursuit of an eighth national championship for Oklahoma, the previous players failed to deliver. Taking a shot on the biggest stage as a first year start, the Murray led offense certainly has the tools to compete with any other program. Stepping up to the plate, with the quarterback’s outcome differ from those who came before him?

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