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Gundy On High Caliber Recruits – “They All Go To Other Schools”

M. Hofeld


Mike Gundy has won 120 football games as the head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Four times in the last six seasons he’s guided the Pokes to a 10-win season and OSU is about to make their thirteenth consecutive bowl appearance under his leadership. Yet with all of that success Gundy is faced with the harsh reality of recruiting…its hard. 

When asked about recruiting quarterbacks on Wednesday, Gundy admitted that they’re trying to get the big guys but settling for others.  

“We go after every eight-star, six-star, four-star and every star in the world we can get around here and they all go to other schools at this point so we go get whatever else is out there.”Mike Gundy 

That isn’t just the reality of coaching at Oklahoma State, that’s the reality of coaching in the Big 12…if your name isn’t Oklahoma or Texas. 

As of right now OSU has one player in their 2019 class ranked 4-stars or higher. That could change later this afternoon but even still when you compare to Oklahoma’s 13 and Texas’ 12 it can be a bit staggering. 

Yet, there’s Gundy competing with these programs on the football field after being passed over by them on the recruiting trail. He’s made beating Texas a regular occurrence for the Orange and Black and fell just a point short of upsetting the Sooners in Norman this season. 

The benefit of such achievements for Gundy this season was San Clemente, California quarterback Brendan Costello who only had four other offers – from Air Force, Army, Brown and Eastern Washington.  

This is Gundy’s world. This is what he does. I wouldn’t say that he’s turning lemons into lemonade but he’s pretty dang close! He’s found his niche though and he certainly seems to know what he’s doing. 

“Try to find the very best one that fits our system,” Gundy continued about quarterbacks. “… We kind of work our way from here out, and we usually end up on the east or west coast somewhere. There’s a number of guys in this area that we tried to get in on and they didn’t have any interest in us so we just go to the next guy.”

That “next guy” tends to work out for Gundy more often than not though. 

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