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Mike Yurcich Is Leaving Oklahoma State

M. Hofeld


Shortly after Oklahoma State wrapped up their 38-33 win over Missouri in the Liberty Bowl news broke that offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich is leaving.

Oklahoma State’s 247Sports site (Go Pokes) was the first to break the news, stating that a “very reliable source” had informed them that Yurcich’s office was completely cleaned out with the key left in the door.

Oklahoma State’s Offensive Coordinator since 2013, Yurcich had been offered the offensive coordinator at Tennessee which would substantially increase his salary. This hasn’t been a secret to anyone and Mike Gundy even spoke to it from his Liberty Bowl press conference on Sunday.

“At some point, Mike (Yurcich) is going to move on,” Gundy said when talking about his assistants. “I told you guys last year during bowl prep that I wouldn’t be shocked if Mike is a head coach or moves on. He’s had interest from the NFL. There are NFL teams that have called about him as the NFL starts to migrate toward college football on offense. At some point, he’s going to move on. He’s 41 or 42. He’s at a point in his career where that that could happen. We would love to keep him here. We’re not going to be able to pay what other schools will potentially offer him. If he gets a run to be a coordinator at all the schools that are interested in him or maybe move on to the NFL, that’s probably going to be his next move. You just call it like it is. Some of the other coaching jobs you get at levels that are lower pay about a third or fourth of what these guys are making as coordinators. We hope to keep him as long as we can, but at some point he will move on. If he does, we wish him the best.”

Tennessee is just a speculation for Yurcich’s potential landing spot as that is the only known job offer we’re aware of at this moment. That said, there are also rumors of him going to Ohio State.

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