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Oklahoma Sooners | March 22, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Running Back

Here’s where the rubber meets the road so to speak with making all-decade selections. Being a site from Oklahoma, and selecting players from the two Big 12 universities in the […]


Oklahoma Sooners | March 18, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Fullback

Sorting through ten years worth of football players to select one guy to represent a position on an all-decade team is absolutely a tedious task. However some guys do stand […]

Oklahoma Sooners | March 16, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Quarterback

In the decade from 2010-2019 the Big 12 saw three generational quarterbacks who changed the game. All three went on to win a Heisman Trophy and all three etched their […]