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Alabama Sends Classy Goodbye To Jalen Hurts

M. Hofeld


If you need the know the value of the presence of Jalen Hurts the you need to look no further than the Alabama football program and fanbase. Where many programs and fans have been a bit jaded by graduate transfers, you find class and respect from the folks in Tuscaloosa towards their one-time national champion.

Do yourself a favor and click on this Tweet to see all of the responses aimed towards Hurts.

After completing 65% of his passes for 5,626 yards and 48 touchdowns, Hurts was instrumental to the Tide appearing in three consecutive national championship games under his watch. However the rise of Tua Tagovailoa brought about the winds of change to Bear Bryant Stadium leaving Hurts in search for a new home to play his final season.

In addition to his passing accolades, Hurts brings 1,976 rushing yards (5YPC) and seasoned veteran leadership to an already loaded Oklahoma roster.

What he leaves behind is a university and thousands of fans who are appreciative of him wearing their school colors. That’s what should be the thing Oklahoma fans take notice first with their new quarterback.

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