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Oklahoma Sooners | April 9, 2019

Twitter Reactions: Oklahoma/Alabama Announce “Crimson Collision”

Oklahoma announced Tuesday that it has scheduled a home-and-home football series with Alabama for the 2032 and 2033 seasons. The Sooners will host Bama on Sept. 11, 2032, in Norman before traveling for a Sept. 10, 2033, game in Tuscaloosa.


Oklahoma Sooners | January 18, 2019

Alabama Sends Classy Goodbye To Jalen Hurts

If you need the know the value of the presence of Jalen Hurts the you need to look no further than the Alabama football program and fanbase. Where many programs and fans have been a bit jaded by graduate transfers, you find class and respect from the folks in Tuscaloosa towards their one-time national champion.

Oklahoma Sooners | January 3, 2019

Sooner Nation Podcast | The Orange Bowl Aftermath

Oklahoma’s football season came to an end in Miami. So what does the future look like for the team? In this episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast we discuss the following…

Oklahoma Sooners | January 2, 2019

The Myth Of The S.E.C. Defense Has Been Busted

It’s not good offense it’s just bad defense. That’s what the narrative had been for several seasons now. The Big 12 was a non-defensive league that just allowed offenses to […]

Oklahoma Sooners | December 29, 2018

Meltdown In Miami | Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma’s 45-34 Orange Bowl Loss

Oklahoma stood toe-to-toe with Alabama for three quarters. They match their physicality. They gave as many shots as they took and cause Nick Saban to spike his headset. Unfortunately they were never in the game though because of the 28-point first quarter meltdown. That’s going to leave a bad taste for a long time to come.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 29, 2018

Oklahoma vs. Alabama | Orange Bowl Storylines, How to Watch, Odds, & Predictions

Two of the most storied programs in college football history are set to face each other in the semifinal of the college football playoff. All eyes will be on the two quarterbacks but the difference in this game will be Oklahoma’s defense. Can the Sooners make enough plays to keep them in the game?

Oklahoma Sooners | December 29, 2018

Alabama Running Back Josh Jacobs Has Imaginary Chip On His Shoulder

It’s just that neither party got to this point the way Jacobs seems to be spinning the story. The ironic thing is that he seemed to be burned by Oklahoma’s late offer so he ended up at Alabama who offered him on January 29, 2016. That was just five days before National Signing Day and more than a week after the Sooners offered.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 28, 2018

Orange Bowl Questions Part IV | Is Lack Of Respect Enough Of A Motivation?

The Sooners rank 108th nationally in total defense after running through the gauntlet of Big 12 offenses. Now they get ready to face an Alabama offense that will have zero respect for their defensive counterparts, nor will then national media covering the game.

Oklahoma Sooners | December 28, 2018

Forget Kyler vs. Tua, Pay Attention To The Battle In The Trenches

When it comes to offensive line play no one is doing it better than Oklahoma right now. Winners of the Joe Moore Award, the offensive line has paved the way for an potentially record-breaking 8.7 yards per play.
OU also leads the nation with 11.6 yards per pass attempt, and ranks second by averaging 6.7 yards per rush. No FBS team has finished in the top two nationally in both categories in the same year since 1994 .