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Oklahoma Sooners Spring Game Moved To Friday At 7:30 PM

Rich DeCray


In the state of Oklahoma, the weather can and will swing from one extreme to the other in a moments notice. Heading into the weekend, temperatures are expected to drop into the 30s due to the windchill forcing the Sooners to change the date and time of the Annual Spring Game.

With the possibility of rain in combination with cold weather, Joe Castiglione told NewsOK, “Naturally, our preference is to play on Saturday, but the weather was going to subject our fans to difficult conditions, and likely would have prevented many from attending. We know that decisions of this kind may inconvenience some, and we regret that very much. At the same time, it truly was the student-athletes and fans we had in mind when we made this call. We hope most of our great fans can still attend the game in what should be much better conditions.”

Set to kick off at 7:30 PM on Friday, April 12 the university intends to host Lee Brice for the pregame concert at 6:30 PM. Hopefully, the stadium will fill up with the last minute change of plans!

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