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Oklahoma Sooners’ Austin Seibert Gets Last Laugh Over Texas Longhorns’ Bryan Carrington

Rich DeCray


Heading into the weekend, the rivalry between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns once again took center stage. Setting the stage, members of the two programs went head-to-head on social media. However, it appears as though Austin Seibert got the last laugh.

The four year starter at the University of Oklahoma and NCAA All-Time Leading Scorer dawned a ‘Texas Sucks’ t-shirt while waiting for a fourth Big 12 Championship ring. It appears to be a response to comments coming from the Longhorn’s elite recruiter in Bryan Carrington leading up to the Spring Game.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Carrington proclaimed the Sooners “only want you to take an OV this weekend (out of all weekends), because they need to trick you into thinking it’s ‘lit’ there! Don’t fall for the spin cycle because next weekend, it’ll be a ghost town!” Immediately sparking a twitter war, the two sides exchanged blows as Oklahoma’s Drew Hill responded with, ” It won’t be a ghost town bro… We’ll still be here with ALL of our trophies.”

Making the final statement of argument with recruits in tow, Seibert flashed the fist full of rings…

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