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Steven Adams Opens Up About Playing Against His “Mate” In The Playoffs

Craig Hofeld


Everyone around the NBA is aware of the “Stache Bros”, but especially those who reside in Oklahoma City. Enes Kanter and Steven Adams played together for the Thunder for two and half seasons. During this time they built quite the bond and developed one of the NBA’s best “bro-ships”.

After Enes Kanter was sent off to the New York Knicks in 2018, the two kept their friendship and have posed together for pictures on a few occasions. He was recently traded to Portland and will now start due to the injury of Jusuf Nurkic. Enes Kanter seems to be the more out spoken of the two on their friendship. However, after some comments from Kanter on the matchup in the playoffs, Adams took some time to say some words of his own.

Adams seemed to be super honest in this interview, while also keeping a certain level of respect. He knows he is the superior athlete, but didn’t want to throw his “mate” under the bus. When asked if playing against your friend changes the aspect of the game Adams said, “If anything it makes me want to beat him up even more”.

Kanter did an interview of his own where he talked about the two “knowing each other’s game”.

While he is certainly correct about the two knowing how each other plays, I still give the upper hand to Adams in this matchup. It’s safe to say we will have some awesome entertainment from these two during this series.

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