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Aaron Taylor Has A Wrong Take On Kyler Murray…Way Wrong

M. Hofeld


It’s easy to assume that as an Oklahoma Football fan I have a slated view of the Sooners. I’ve written about this team for close to two decades and have been a fan even longer. Admittedly that latter statement makes me a homer.

That said, being a homer doesn’t mean I can’t accurately tell when a guy has a rare talent. Nor does it mean that I can’t look at data and tell when a national media guy is “off his rocker” wrong.

You may not know who Aaron Taylor is but you’ve most likely have heard his comments on Murray by now.

Taylor’s media mates didn’t agree with him, nor does the rest of the football world. He’s literally out on a limb all by himself.

“Only if I’m Arizona with Kliff Kingsbury. You cannot deny the perfect match of offensive philosophy and style and skillset. If Arizona doesn’t take Murray, I project he could possibly fall all the way out of the first round.”

Aaron Taylor, CBS Sports

The problem with Taylor’s comment is the level on which he’s wrong. He’s in the Stephen A. Smith, “Dwayne Haskins is more of a runner,” type wrong. Taylor is out on that limb due to a lack of information.

The mistake is his belief that Arizona is the only franchise interested in taking Murray in the first round. Taylor is stuck on the old school mold of NFL quarterbacks and hasn’t bought in on Murray’s ability to transcend the game.

“If Kyler Murray’s 6-foot-3, if he’s Dwayne Haskins, we’re not even having this conversation,” Taylor continued. “He’s number one overall and it’s not even close. But he’s not. He’s 5-10. Only been three quarterbacks under six feet tall that have made the playoffs since the year 2000, the last 20 years. Can he be the fourth? Yeah, probably, but his skillset and being severely undersized as he is, is going to be a limitation he’s gonna have to overcome.”

What Taylor isn’t seeing is that just about everyone has Murray as a Top 15 pick. ESPN’s Todd McShay said just this week that he doesn’t believe that the 2018 Heisman winner will be any lower than a #6 pick.

Even is Murray were to drop out of the Top 10 Denver, Cincinnati, Miami, and Washington are all there waiting to welcome Murray with open arms. He’s not going to be there though because, as I’m writing this, Raiders general manager, Mike Mayock, and head coach John Gruden have sent scouts home and locked themselves in a room to discuss how many first round picks they want to offer Arizona for the rights to get Murray.

Kyler Murray is going to change the face of a franchise but he potentially could change two franchises. With rumors swirling that Oakland could potentially offer as many as three first round picks for him, Murray could change the course of both the Cardinals and Raiders in the same way Herschel Walker could changed the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings.

There are multiple legitimate opportunities on the table for Murray on Thursday night and none of them include him going in the second round. Everyone knows this…except for Aaron Taylor.

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