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WCWS Notes & Quotes | UCLA 16 – Oklahoma 3

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Oklahoma Quotes

“Not to quit. Try to get momentum towards the end of the game, which we did. This game absolutely does not define us or our season. This team is very resilient. That’s what we were just trying to get out of, probably — not probably, but the worst game we played all season on the biggest stage. Unfortunately, it happened that way. But it does not define who we are.” –Patty Gasso on her message to the team throughout the game

“I think that’s all we can do, exactly that, flush it. Let it go. It happened. You can’t go back and change it. The outcome is the outcome.

We just have to go back, recoup, regenerate, do what we have to get done. Come out tomorrow with the same mentality we had today. Attack, play our softball, flush it, go at it. We have two games left. We’re not out of anything.” – Shay Knighten on getting rid of the “taste” of this game and gearing up for Game Two

“I mean, we can look at that loss and, yeah, it stinks. We’re literally playing at the highest level on the biggest stage. For that we have to be thankful and grateful. For the next game we can’t be pouting or anything like that. It’s just being appreciative for the spot we’re in, just fight.

You don’t want to leave tomorrow with any regrets. I think we know that. We’re going to bounce back.” – Caleigh Clifton on the senior’s message to the team

“Our defense is really good. Today it just happened that we had some errors. Whenever it happens, you have to take a step back, take a breath, refocus.

I think that was the only thing we could do. If you dwell on it, we knew we were going to make some more errors. We just had to reset and look to the next pitch.” – Nicole Mendes on the defensive focus after the errors

“No regrets. That’s been our biggest thing this post-season, going out, having no regrets, enjoying the moment, our journey, where we’re at and who we’re with. Just being thankful that we get to play softball, that we get to do it on the biggest stage with the people that make us great.

They make us better, whether now in the future, they make the program better. Just learning from it, being able to come back and fight for what we want tomorrow.” – Shay Knighten on the team focus going into their third elimination game of the postseason

“Well, first I’ll give absolute credit to UCLA. They cleaned our clocks. There’s no tiptoeing around it, that’s bottom line. There’s nothing in our game that worked tonight, nothing. Our pitching wasn’t good. Our defense wasn’t good. Our hitting wasn’t bad. We started to feel like we had something going.

It’s very atypical of this team. It happened at the wrong time. But they are not discouraged because those are the lessons that this sport and this program has taught these young women, is that we don’t quit.

Even when it’s not pretty, we are going to find a way to rebound and come back even stronger. That’s the message. It’s a message they gave me more than I gave them.” – Patty Gasso on what she thinks went wrong defensively

UCLA Quotes

“You know, I think one of the things that I like to do is I like to have them give shout-outs to things that went well. We probably went around the room two or three times. There’s so many more things than just the obvious — throwing the first punch, Rachel mixing all her pitches.

I said the thing I’m most proud of, every game I throw the lineup out and I say, Let’s put ourselves in a position to let everybody play. The only way you do that is you have to throw enough punches and give yourself that ability to take your starters out, have the ability to let people play. That’s not something you’re thinking about at the World Series at all. You’re here to win, to play.

Tonight, this team made history in that every single person, nobody left on the bench, that didn’t play. I commend them. That is the culture of this team. They are so connected. They were telling me, they were passing the bat. They wanted opportunities for their teammates.

Yes, so many epic moments. But a big part of our success is their ability to play for each other. They’ve been saying this the whole time. Tonight you get to see an opportunity as a coach, that’s not what I’m thinking, but that’s definitely their ability to take care of each other and have each other’s backs.” – Kelly Inouye-Perez on what stood out the most to her

“Every at-bat, I wanted to use everything in my toolbox, my game, hitting away. Definitely try to keep the defense, like, moving in and out, just keeping them on their toes. They’re a really good defensive team.” – Kinsley Washington on going 4-for-4 from the plate

“Yeah, I feel like our Bruin Bubble is so strong. I think the alumni is what just helped shape who we are. I mean, they give so much to us. They created everything for us.

I mean, for me, when I’m out there on the field, to be honest, I hear only them. I block out all noise other than that.” – Rachel Garcia on the crowd being mostly for OU

Game Notes

  • UCLA’s 16 runs tie a record for most runs in any WCWS game by a single team.
  • 13 runs are the second-largest margin of victory in a WCWS Game and the largest in a championship series game. It ties the largest margin of victory in UCLA WCWS history (2010 vs. Florida)
  • UCLA ties the single-team WCWS record for home runs in a game with four.
  • UCLA leads Oklahoma 11-4 all-time and moves to 2-1 against the Sooners in the WCWS.
  • Teams that score first are 14-0 in the 2019 WCWS.
  • Four errors is the most OU has had in a game this season.
  • OU freshman Grace Lyons picked up her first career triple in the bottom of the third inning.
  • OU’s Nicole Mendes entered the pitching circle for the first time since April 7th. It was the fifth time inWCWS history a team has used four pitchers.
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