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Oklahoma Football | Creed Humphrey Is The Reason To Have Offensive Line Confidence

M. Hofeld


If you didn’t already know this, Oklahoma starting center Creed Humphrey is a beast of a man. At 6-5/325, the redshirt sophomore is the lone returning starter from last year’s offensive line that was the best in the nation. Surrounded by four new starters in 2019, Humphrey will be the anchor of the unit in just his second season on the field. Based on what we’ve seen in the weight room though, that’s just fine for everyone.

A video began to circulate Thursday night, from Oklahoma strength coach Bennie Wylie’s Instagram of Humphrey doing 500-pound squats with relative ease.

It isn’t the near super human strength Humphrey shows that should impress you, it’s the interaction of the guys behind him. The video shows about a half a dozen guys cheering him on and celebrating with him. That’s what family in the locker room looks like. That’s what leadership in the locker room looks like. That’s why you shouldn’t worry too much about Bill Bedenbaugh rebuilding Oklahoma’s offensive line this fall.

This time last year it was widely assumed that Jonathan Alvarez would be the starting center on Oklahoma’s offensive line. As the summer gave way to fall camp, Humphrey was just too much to keep off the field and away from the starting unit. In just one year on campus he had grown from a four-star prospect, out of Shawnee High School, to one of the biggest forces to be reckoned with in the Big 12.

A second-team All-Big 12 selection in 2018, by the media, Humphrey was also a freshman All-American by the FWAA and The Athletic. Appearing in all fourteen of Oklahoma’s games, he made twelve starts, including the final eleven in a row.

That’s what a year with Wiley and Bedenbaugh will do for you. That’s why Oklahoma fans should be more excited about the 2019 offensive than they are nervous. Guys like Brey Walker, Adrian Ealy, Marquis Hayes, Darrell Simpson and Tyrese Robinson have all been waiting their turn…getting bigger and stronger in the process.

Bill Bedenbaugh has more guys that are ready to play than spots available for guys to play. That’s a pretty good conundrum to find yourself in. In June of last year he spoke on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast about the process of developing young guys into battlefield warriors like we say Humphrey become.

“We don’t sit there and talk about winning a national championship. It’s really about the daily grind, the everyday grind of what it takes to be a great offensive lineman. You can’t just show up for the two hours of practice and the hour and-a-half of meetings and expect to be great.”

Bill Bedenbaugh on USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast

The 2018 season was a breakout for Creed Humphrey as he filled the only vacant spot on the line. In 2019 there are four spots to fill. That’s four opportunities for Bill Bedenbaugh to unleash his newest set of maulers on the Big 12.

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