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Sooner Nation Podcast | Oklahoma Football Players Flying Under The Radar

M. Hofeld


As the release of the first preseason AP poll approaches we’ll discuss whether the College Football Rankings have cheapened the polls a little or not. 

Speaking of polls. Is Texas actually worth a preseason Top 25 ranking this season? We think yes, but will discuss where they should be ranked. 

There are four Oklahoma football players (2 offensively and 2 defensively) that we think people may be overlooking for 2019. We’ll give you our players flying under the radar. 

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  1. So I was listening to this podcast on iTunes today, and your comment about hating Texas stuck out to me. I live in Texas because of the army, and I go to Austin periodically, which is how I knew your comment on them being soft on a city wide level is incredibly accurate. But now that I’m in the army reserves, I go to the Austin area at least one weekend a month, and I Rock my Sooners window shade and everything and people are always being all snarky with me, especially after the red river game last year..I just snap back with the 4 straight big 12 titles and ask how many full classes at Texas haven’t gotten one, and laugh as they huff. I love listening to the podcast, thanks for what you do.

    1. First, thank you for your service to our country. I know that sometimes sounds old hat to you guys but I sincerely mean it.
      Second, thanks for listening to to the podcast. It really means a lot for us to hear from listeners.

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