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Oklahoma City Thunder | March 20, 2020

They Didn’t Play For Our Team But We Had Mad Respect For Them Anyway

We could make a list that would go on for days about the players we hate. We’ve probably got those guys in every sport and on every level if we’re […]


Oklahoma Sooners | October 13, 2019

Oklahoma Sooners 34 – Texas Longhorns 27 | Defensive Position Grades

In addition to relentlessly harassing Oklahoma’s defense held Texas to 6-of-14 on third down and a 2.8 yards per carry rushing average. After throwing multiple touchdown passes in each game this season, Ehlinger failed to throw for a score against Oklahoma’s defense.

Oklahoma Sooners | October 11, 2019

Oklahoma Football vs. Texas | Defensive Keys To Success

Say what you want about Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger (Most Oklahoma fans can’t stand him) he’s having a fantastic first half of the season. Averaging a 69.4% completion percentage, Ehlinger […]