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Meet The New Guy | Our OSU Coverage Gets A Boost



Editor’s Note: From the very beginning it has been our desire to provide quality content for both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The problem was that our writers are mostly Sooners and we’ve not had an extremely passionate OSU fan to give input…until now. We’re excited to have Mark on board with us!

Hey guys! My name is Mark Walker and I am very excited for the opportunity to write for Heartland Sports.

I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and played football at Carl Albert. I’ve been an OSU Cowboy fan from birth. My parents graduated from OSU and I was on campus from 2009-2013.

From the 1998 season, coached by Bob Simmons, to the 2012 season, fresh off the Fiesta Bowl victory, I only missed two home football games (luckily one of those was the Montana State debacle of 2005). I love traveling with the team and have had the privilege of watching us play in College Station, Morgantown, the Little Apple, Glendale and more.

I hope to be able to bring a unique perspective and more OSU content to this site. I’m also a Dallas Cowboy faithful and fantasy football fanatic, evidenced by being in 8 leagues last year.

I now live in Edmond and work in sales. I met an amazing girl who is regrettably a Sooner; however, we are excited to be a house divided and to get married in October. I am looking forward to a (hopefully) very fun season! Go Pokes!


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