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College Football Playoff | Making a Case for the Oklahoma Sooners

Rich DeCray


The most recent edition of the college football playoff rankings have been released. Featuring three undefeated teams, the committee’s task remains sorting through the plethora of one-loss programs. Despite numerous representatives from the Big 12 Conference finding a way into the top twenty-five, the league fails to find favor. There’s an argument to be made for the Oklahoma Sooners at the moment, however.

Strength of the Conference

At the top of the rankings, the committee included six programs from the Big 10. It’s a number that no other league can match at the current moment in time. Following suit, the SEC placed five different teams inside the rankings with two weeks remaining in the regular season. Just behind the two aforementioned conferences, four representatives from the Big 12 found a way into the current CFP rankings. Breaking down the numbers in terms of percentages, the Big 10 stands at the narrow leader at 42.8% of the conference boasting a number beside the program. Falling slightly behind, the Big 12 boasts 40% of the teams in the league earning the same signifier. That number is easily ahead of the 35.7% carried by the SEC and far ahead of the 25% held by the PAC 12.

Number of Win Over Ranked Foes

John Hoover of the Franchise in Oklahoma worked up the numbers shortly after the CFP Committee released the rankings.

As it currently stands, the resume of three teams inside the top ten pales in comparison to that of the Oklahoma Sooners. Collecting wins over No. 22 Iowa State and No. 14 Baylor make a statement in and of themselves. Yet, No. 5 Alabama and No. 7 Utah hold a higher position despite lacking a quality victory. Even though No. 6 Oregon sits on the fringe of this statement, the remainder of the top ten have earned the title of ‘contender.’

It goes without saying that the committee acknowledges the Big 12 Conference as home to quality football programs. Yet, an argument can be made that a win over those ‘quality opponents’ holds little weight in the eye of the CFP Committee. Assuming the committee values wins over ranked opponents as stated above, the Sooners should easily move up to two spots, if not three.

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