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2019 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 13

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Just when we thought the Big 12 couldn’t get more crazy, Week 12 went and proved us wrong. West Virginia, a team we unanimously put at #10 last week, upset what had been a rising star in Kansas State. As a result, the Wildcats dropped two spots this week and the Mountaineer rose out of the basement.

Oklahoma overcame a 25-point deficit to give Baylor their first loss of the season and TCU put Texas Tech’s bowl eligibility in serious danger. Definitely not a typical weekend.

In all nine of the 10 teams moved in this week’s rankings. Oklahoma, Iowa State, TCU and West Virginia all went up, while Baylor, Texas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Kansas all dropped. Also, I think that Mark and Craig might be copying off each other.

Heartland Sports Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma50
2. Baylor45
3. Oklahoma State 39
4. Iowa State36
5. Texas29
6. TCU24
7. Kansas State 19
8. West Virginia14
9. Texas Tech13
10. Kansas6


1. Oklahoma | OU had the huge 2nd half comeback to retake the top spot in the Big 12 and will host TCU Saturday evening.

2. Baylor | The Bears started off hot taking advantage of some early mistakes by the Sooners but got shut out in the 2nd half. After that emotional loss, they will host the Longhorns this weekend.

3. Oklahoma State | Chuba and company gave Les Miles the welcome back that he deserved. The game was never in doubt. Now the Cowboys travel to Morgantown in pursuit of their 8th win of the season.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas

6. Kansas State

7. TCU

8. Texas Tech

9. West Virginia | The Mountaineers got their 2nd conference win against the Wildcats in the Little Apple.

10. Kansas | Kansas couldn’t get anything going against the Cowboys with Pooka Williams only rushing 26 yards on 12 carries. They travel to Ames to try to bounce back.


1. Oklahoma | It was a close one, but a win is a win, and putting together the greatest comeback in school history was impressive. 

2. Baylor | Allowing the Sooners to comeback was embarrassing, but they’re still in good position to make it to the Big 12 Title Game. 

3. Oklahoma State | The defense has been impressive the last few weeks, and with Bedlam in a couple weeks, the Cowboys are primed for an upset.

4. Iowa State

5. TCU

6. Texas

7. West Virginia

8. Kansas State

9. Kansas | The only reason I don’t have the Jayhawks at 10 is because of the win over Tech.

10. Texas Tech | A lot has happened since that win over Oklahoma State in Lubbock.


1. Oklahoma | Securing a come from behind win, the Sooner defense returned to form during the second half in Waco. Providing the opportunity to win on a national stage, Alex Grinch is responsible for a take over of the No. 1 spot this week.

2. Baylor | In a close tilt, the Bears showcased that they are indeed better than what the media believes. Still a favorite to earn a spot in the Big 12 Championship, Baylor is the clear second choice here.

3. Iowa State | The Cyclones secures a last second win over the Longhorns this weekend. It’s the reason ISU remains ahead of Oklahoma State despite a worse overall record.

4. Oklahoma State

5. Texas

6. TCU

7. West Virginia

8. Texas Tech

9. Kansas State | Falling flat after shocking the college football world, the Wildcats have dropped two consecutive contests. The program is one of two on such a streak.

10. Kansas | No explanation is needed here…


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners took control of the top of the Big 12 once again with a comeback win over Baylor. Oklahoma looks to be on pace for another conference championship. 

2. Baylor | Despite the loss on Saturday, the Bears are the real deal. Don’t expect Baylor to fall off the map, they’ll be in the Big 12 championship game ready for a rematch. 

3. Oklahoma State | The Pokes have turned it up a notch down the stretch. Unfortunately for Oklahoma State, it’s most likely too late. 

4. Iowa State 

5. Texas 

6. Kansas State 

7. TCU 

8. Texas Tech 

9. West Virginia | The Mountaineers benched Austin Kendall and came out with a win over a ranked opponent. Definitely some hope for the future if you’re a West Virginia fan! 

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks find themselves at the bottom once again. What a sad day. 


1. Oklahoma | In a tale of two halves, the Sooners regained control of the Big 12 with their comeback win at Baylor Saturday night. 

2. Baylor | The Bears had Oklahoma on the ropes, in Waco, but couldn’t deliver the knockout blow. That’s going to haunt them for a while.

3. Oklahoma State | The Pokes are quietly sneaking up the rankings. They still need a lot of help but an appearance in Arlington next month isn’t an impossibility.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas

6. TCU

7. Kansas State

8. Texas Tech

9. West Virginia | Out of the basement once again! The Mountaineers pulled off the fourth quarter rally to knock Kansas State out of the Top 25.

10. Kansas | Just when we thought things were looking up.

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