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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Tre Brown’s MPH Clocked During Big 12 Championship

Rich DeCray


In recent years, the Oklahoma Sooners have fielded players with world-class speed on the offensive side of the ball. Most recently fans marveled at the uncanny ability of Marquise Brown to create separation from a defender. However, the narrative is rapidly changing as one playmaker from the other side of the ball added his name to college football lore.

On Saturday, during the Big 12 Championship in Arlington, Texas, Chris Platt disguised himself after swapping jerseys due to the Baylor Bears quarterback situation. Running vertically, the receiver secured the catch at the 25-yard line before shaking the first defender. With plenty of green grass ahead, Platt only needed to outrun one other player.

Reaching a top speed of 21.8 MPH, Platt appeared headed for the end one. Eclipsing the 21.5 marks would put the wideout in the top five of the NFL in terms of recorded speed by a ball carrier according to Next Gen Stats — an advanced stat generator used to measure individual performances in the NFL. Yet the number clocked by Platt simply wasn’t fast enough to escape the pursuit.

Grabbing ahold of the receiver, cornerback Tre Brown clocked an absurd top speed of 23.3 MPH during the play. By the same standard, Brown would rank at the top of the NFL list. In fact, the mph reached by the defensive back would mark the top speed ever recorded as Tyreek Hill currently holds the record at 23.24 on Next Gen Stats — stats only date back to 2016.

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