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Ahead Of The 2020 NFL Draft, Former Sooner LB Kenneth Murray Drops Large Sum On First Purchase

Rich DeCray


After completing a short but productive season on the collegiate circuit, Kenneth Murray is expected to be selected in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft. Turning heads at the combine and impressing executives during the interviews, the former Oklahoma Sooner appears primed for a big payday. Deciding to celebrate a little early, the linebacker made a hefty purchase…

Heading over to a car lot, Murray scanned the list of available vehicles. Gravitating toward the 2020 Dodge Hellcat Redeye, Murray selected the white knuckle option in terms of color. Opting for the dual snorkel hood with the black wheels on a wide body, the vehicle starts with an MSRP of $78,295 (according to Dodge’s Build & Price webpage). Of course, it’s easy to push the number northward by simply adding a few options to the exterior as well as interior.

Regardless, the Hellcat Redeye sports a top of line 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI which delivers 797 horsepower. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the car comes equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or the TorqueFlight eight speed automatic transmission…it’s still a lot of car for anyone!


    1. Agreed! I’d take it in a heartbeat but it falls in the same price range as…I don’t know…my first house…😁

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