The Players We Love To Hate

Sports are all about rivalries and the strongest memories, good or bad, are typically tied into a hated rivalry. But then there’s also that one guy out there who you jut can’t stand. Sometimes he’s a member to that hated team and sometimes he’s just a guy from a random team that you’ve grown to despise. Here’s our collective staff list of those players and the reason why we can’t stand them.


Robert Griffin III is my most hated player that Oklahoma State faced. OSU was 3-0 against him. But in 2011, he won the Heisman after we kicked their tail. I believe he was the third best player in the Big XII that year at best behind Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden. RGIII took off his helmet several times during that game after they were down so much appearing to be an extremely poor sport. I think he was extremely overrated and I just don’t like the guy. It didn’t get any better in the NFL when he played for the Redskins and me being a Dallas Cowboy fan. 


I’m going to go have to go with Draymond Green, and believe me when I say I have plenty to explain why.

First off, there’s the whole incident from the 2015 Western Conference Finals when he couldn’t help but kick Steven Adams in the kiwis. Even with his dirty attempts at taking out one of OKC’s beloved, the Thunder should have won the series, but alas, they didn’t.

Then, when the Warriors went on to one of the biggest choke jobs in sports history as they lost to the Cavs in the NBA Finals after being up 3-1, Draymond had the audacity to call Kevin Durant and convince him to leave OKC for Golden State.

Fast forward to today, and despite the Warriors being slapped into irrelevance this season, Draymond continues to pop up on every social media food and sports highlight because his giant mouth is open saying who knows what about anything and everything.

He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, and I can’t stand the guy. One of my happiest moments of this indefinitely suspended NBA season has been seeing him average single digits in every major statistical category while playing on one of the worst teams in the league. But don’t worry. The Warriors will be back in full force next season, so I’ll be right back to hating him for all the normal reasons. 


Johnny Manziel

Taking the college football world by storm, “Johnny Football” upended the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. The upset clearly propelled the freshman to a Heisman Trophy in 2012. With plenty of off the field issues following the sensation quarterback play, Manziel adopted a “money sign” celebration — something I HATED seeing every single week. Finding himself paired against the Oklahoma Sooners just after the turn of the year in the 2013 Cotton Bowl Classic, stifling the playmaker with big hits would have easily put a smile on my face. Instead, Manziel ran for 229 yards while holding a 41-13 victory in hand.


After living through the Colt McCoy years his younger brother, Case, should have been a non-factor. However, injuries to starting quarterback David Ash put him on the field in 2013.

Did you know that against Baylor he threw two interceptions and only completed 12 of 34 passes for 54 total yards. Against Oregon, in the Alamo Bowl, he had two interceptions returned for touchdowns and was eventually yanked after a performance that saw him complete 8 of 17 passes for just 48 yards. Both of those games were losses for Texas.

However, that’s not the version of Case McCoy that the Sooners faced in the Red River Rivalry. Instead they got the version who threw for 190 yards and two scores in a 36-20 upset win over the 12th ranked Sooners.

It was the first time Texas had beaten Oklahoma since the elder McCoy led them to victory in 2009. It’s one thing to lose to a guy who is extremely talented. At least in that situation you can say it was deserved, despite hating the loss. However, that wasn’t the issue here. I still can’t shake losing to Case McCoy.

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