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2020 NFL Draft | Will The Raiders Look To CeeDee Lamb At #12?

M. Hofeld


It’s no secret that the Raiders have developed an affection for three former Oklahoma football players. There isn’t a team out there that doesn’t like Kenneth Murray and two weeks ago we learned just how much Las Vegas loved Jalen Hurts. What about CeeDee Lamb though? Would he be the one the Raiders select with their first pick in the opening round? Bill Williamson, of Silver And Black Pride, thinks they would.

“Any one of those guys would be a Raider at the end of the draft,” Williamson told said on our podcast last week. Any one of them, maybe all three. Sure they went on a run on Clemson players last year or so they’re not afraid to go after multiple players from one program.”

In terms of using that initial first-round pick on a former Sooner, Williamson says that CeeDee Lamb is probably the guy they would look to.

“I think it would be Lamb because he’s a he’s an option at twelve,” Williamson said. “I think the odds of these three players ending up being a Raider, I’d go in order of Lamb, Hurts and Murray being third because they picked two linebackers in free agency who are going to start.”

“I think a little hint,” Williamson concluded, “Daniel Jeremiah (Draft analyst for NFL Network), tweeted last week, sometime, that there were two teams who stood out to him for Lamb as perfect fits, one of them was the Raiders. That’s significant because Daniel Jeremiah is very close with (Las Vegas General Manager) Mike Mayock”

CeeDee Lamb exploded up draft charts during the 2019 season when he averaged 21.4 yards per catch on his way to 1,327 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns to secure him as a first-round pick. His performance at February’s NFL Draft Combine put him in the Top 15 picks range.

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