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Oklahoma Football | Caleb Williams Could Be On Campus Way Early

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Oklahoma football commit Caleb Williams is still writing blog journal posts for Sports Illustrated and still dropping nuggets of new information for fans. A little more than a week after committing to play football for the Sooners Williams said that he could be on campus in Norman a lot earlier than expected.

We are taking it one step at a time. With this whole virus, us potentially not going back to school, I might be in Norman earlier than an early-enrollee, but on my own accord. Not a part of the team yet or anything like that, but getting used to being there, meeting my new teammates, meeting with the coaches, learning the playbook, getting familiar with where I’m going to be for the next three to four years. To get a jump start on the preparation and put myself in position to compete for that spot I really hope I’m able to get.

Caleb Williams – Sports Illustrated

Another interesting note from Williams’ latest post is that he’s still recruiting for the Sooners. The 5-star quarterback notes that he’s focusing on the defensive side of the ball right now saying that offensive players are, “a little bit easier” to recruit.

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