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Red River Rivalry | Joe Castiglione Says, “We Have A Contract To Play In The Cotton Bowl”

Rich DeCray


Earlier this year, a decision was made to cancel the Texas State Fair. In the following weeks, a small string of rash decisions would sweep through the college football landscape. Ultimately, many questioned the immediate future of the Red River Rivalry. With several options on the table including a potential home-and-home series, the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners refuse to rule out the possibility of playing in the Cotton Bowl.

Joining the Franchise OK, Athletic Director Joe Castiglione addressed the question in an attempt to shed some light on where each program currently stands. Stating, “In the conversations we’ve had with the University of Texas, our plan is to play in the Cottom Bowl. We’re just sitting here hoping we can play the game.” However, it’s the other piece of information Castiglione dropped that gives fans hope of a game happening inside the storied stadium this year.

Unlike the Big 10 Conference, the Athletic Directors recognize there are contracts to uphold despite the current health climate and concerns. Referencing the obligation, Castiglione said, “We’re still playing in the Cotton Bowl. We have a contract to play in the Cotton Bowl.”

The situation remains fluid and conversations are still being held. Yet, unless things drastically change and contracts are pushed aside, it appears as though the RRR will take place in the Cotton Bowl as planned!

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