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Twitter Reacts | Oklahoma Sooners Officially Move Home Opener To August 29th

Rich DeCray


It’s official! The Oklahoma Sooners have moved the season opener to August 29th after petitioning the NCAA. While fans await the decision regarding broadcast information as well as seating capacity, it appears as though numerous people took to social media in an attempt to air their greivances.

Stating a case against the move, one individual remains fully on board with a season failing to come to fruition. Going as far a labeling the move as nothing more than ‘false hope,’ there’s one thing not being considered in the moment. Simply stated, the money tied up in college football as well as the contracts that have been signed will dictate the future more than anything. Nonetheless….

Joining the bandwagon several others jumped in on the conversation.

Sitting on the opposite side of the fence, others rejoiced with the announcement that the college football season inched a bit closer. This is the group that I can personally related with as the MLB season is currently underway albeit without fans in attendance. Still fan noise piped into the stadiums of MLB teams makes one forget there are no butts in seats.

Truth be told, the nation will likely remain divided as we close out July. Let us know what your stance is regarding the matter in the comments below.

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