Oklahoma Football Week 1 Depth Chart With Tons Of Notes & Thoughts

Now it feels like football! Oklahoma has officially released its depth chart for the season opener against Missouri State and it has multiple surprises on it. What surprises you ask? Well, we’re going to jump into that but how about the fact that Ronnie Perkins is slated to start at defensive end? Yeah, kid that is supposed to be suspended it listed as a starter. We’ll get into that and more with a position-by-position breakdown.


Spencer Rattler (R-Freshman)

Tanner Mordecai (R-Sophomore)

No surprises here. This is one of the positions that we knew was already settled.

Running Back

T.J. Pledger (Junior)

Marcus Major (R-Freshman)


Rhamondre Stevenson (Senior)

Seth McGowan (Freshman)

Here’s the first appearance of a supposedly suspended player on the depth chart. I’ve got some thoughts there that I’ll share in the “Suspended Players” section below.

As for this position, I would expect the Sooners to play at least three backs on Saturday evening. I’m not at all surprised that Pledger drew the start and I also wouldn’t be surprised if Major has the best night running the ball.

Left Tackle

Anton Harrison (Freshman)

Stacey Wilkins (R-Freshman)

Raise your hand if you knew who Anton Harrison was before reading this post. I have to admit that I looked him up on the roster because we’ve given him absolutely now mentions on our site before now. The true freshman from Washington D.C. may be the biggest surprise on the depth chart. Harrison was a consensus 4-star recruit.

Left Guard

Marquis Hayes (R-Junior)

Andrew Raym (Freshman)

If you listened to last week’s podcast then you know our thoughts on Marquise Hayes. We’re expecting big things from him in 2020. Bill Bedenbaugh has also been high on Raym.

Click play to hear our thoughts on Oklahoma’s 2020 offensive line


Creed Humphrey (R-Junior)

Ian McIver (R-Junior)

Humphrey is Oklahoma’s most seasoned offensive lineman. He’ll now be a three-year starter and the unquestioned leader up front. Not only is he the best lineman the Sooners have to offer, he’s the best lineman in the Big 12.

Right Guard

Tyrese Robinson (R-Junior)

Brey Walker (R-Sophomore)

Robinson started all 14 games in 2019 and 12 of those starts were at right guard. Brey Walker seems to be more than a capable backup.

Right Tackle

Adrian Ealy (R-Junior)

Erik Swenson (R-Senior)

Ealy started 12 games at right tackle last season and was named as a second-team All-Big 12 selection.

Tight End/H-Back

Austin Stogner (Sophomore)


Brayden Willis (Junior)


Jeremiah Hall (R-Junior)

All three are going to play and all three are going to be fantastic.

X Receiver

Theo Wease (Sophomore)


Theo Howard (R-Senior)


Trejan Bridges (Sophomore)

Well…I guess that settles it on Theo Howard. The UCLA transfer went from out for the season with an Achilles injury, to showing out in scrimmages, to possibly cracking the starting lineup.

Y Receiver

Obi Obialo (R-Senior)

Drake Stoops (R-Sophomore)

Oklahoma cashed in on transfer receivers during the off-season and Marshall transfer Obi Obialo could be something special.

Z Receiver

Charleston Rambo (R-Junior)

Marvin Mims (Freshman)

Rambo is Oklahoma’s most experienced receiver going into the season. He doesn’t need to have a huge year for the Sooner offense to be successful but it sure would be helpful.

Defensive End

Ronnie Perkins (Junior)

Isaiah Thomas (R-Junior)


Marcus Stripling (Sophomore)

Reggie Grimes (Freshman)

Here’s the first, and only, potentially suspended player drawing a starting spot. I’m a big fan of Marcus Stripling on the other side!

Defensive Tackle

LaRon Stokes (Senior)

Josh Ellison (Sophomore)

The decision by Jalen Redmond (no longer on Oklahoma’s roster) to sit the year out pushed Stokes into a starting role. As a senior, he should be ready for the moment but if not expect to see Ellison get more snaps in the middle of Oklahoma’s defensive line.

Nose Guard

Perrion Winfrey (Junior)

Kori Roberson (R-Freshman)

Jordan Kelley (R-Sophomore)

It would have been a disappointment for anyone other than Winfrey to be at the top spot here.

Mike Linebacker

DaShaun White (Junior)

David Ugwoegbu (Sophomore)

Robert Barnes (R-Junior)

White has been spectacular. Now that he’s an upperclassman it’s time for him to take the helm as one of the leaders on the defense.

Will Linebacker

Brian Asamoah (R-Sophomore)

Bryan Mead (R-Senior)

Shane Whitter (Freshman)

or Jamal Morris (R-Freshman)

I feel like Brian Asamoah has untapped potential and could be set for a special season in 2020.

Rush Linebacker

Nik Bonitto (R-Sophomore)

Jon-Michael Terry (R-Senior)

Joseph Wete (R-Freshman)


Brynden Walker (Freshman)

How can you not be excited about year two of Nick Bonitto? He produced 46 tackles in 2019 and had his crowing moment with a game-clinching interception in Waco to complete Oklahoma’s comeback against Baylor.


Brendan Radley-Hiles (Junior)

Jeremiah Criddell (R-Freshman)


Justin Broiles (R-Junior)

Radley-Hiles made a giant leap from his freshman to sophomore seasons. If he can take another big step heading into his junior season then the Sooners might actually have the ball-hawk defensive back that they’ve been desperately needing.


Side one:

Tre Brown (Senior)

Joshua Eaton (Freshman)


D.J. Graham (Freshman)


Kendall Dennis (Freshman)

Side two:

Jaden Davis (Sophomore)

Tre Norwood (R-Junior)

No surprises here with the starters but I do have two thoughts.

  1. There’s a lot of youth at this position so I believe patience will be required.
  2. I thing Tre Norwood will play a significant number of snaps in 2020 even though he’s not listed as a starter.

Strong Safety

Delarrin Turner-Yell (Junior)

Woodi Washington (R-Freshman)

We saw the value of Turner-Yell during the Peach Bowl when the Sooners struggled heavily due to his absence.

Free Safety

Patrick Fields (Junior)

Justin Broiles (R-Junior)


Bryson Washington (Freshman)

Pat Fields was better than solid in 2019 (64 total tackles/2 sacks) but he needs to take a step towards exceptional in 2020.


Gabe Brkic (R-Sophomore)

Stephen Johnson (R-Junior)

Brkic finally gets to start the season as the #1 kicker. It is a year overdue! He’ll also handle the kickoff responsibilities.


Reeves Mundschau (R-Junior)

Zach Schmit (Freshman)

Mundschau was potentially underrated in 2019 after averaging 42.4 yards per punt.

Kick Return

Tre Brown (Senior)

Marvin Mims (Freshman)

Speed! Lots of speed!

Punt Return

Marvin Mims (Freshman)

Charleston Rambo (R-Junior)

Suspended Players

Your guess is as good as mine here but my thought is that this is Coaching 101. The Sooners truly may not have heard back on their appeal yet or they may have won the appeal. I’m betting they didn’t and Bridges, Perkins and Stevenson will be sitting four games or so. Still though, if you and I gave the depth chart a double take after seeing those names then just imagine what Bobby Petrino did when he saw it.

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