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Oklahoma Sooners | December 4, 2019

2019 Big 12 Football Championship Game | Here’s What You’ll Want To Know

Saturday’s game will mark the first AP top-10 matchup between the Sooners and Bears. OU has made 602 all-time appearances in the AP’s top 10, while Baylor has made 77.


Oklahoma Sooners | October 26, 2019

Oklahoma 41 – Kansas State 48 | Notes & Quotes

“There was a lot of self-inflicted wounds. You talk about playing a team like that, they played their butts off. A lot of respect for those guys. I think you got to maximize every opportunity that you have. Think it’s as simple as that. Every time we have the ball we gotta put it in the paint.”

Oklahoma Sooners | October 13, 2019

Oklahoma Sooner 34 – Texas 27 | Notes & Quotes

“Well, regardless of what the outside world thinks, we believe a lot in our defense. We talked about it last night, Coach Grinch talked about it in the defensive meeting, we talked about it in the team meeting.”