Tre Brown Ranks His Big 12 Championship Moments

Sacking Sam Ehlinger for a safety. Running down Chris Platt for a touchdown-saving tackle. Intercepting Brock Purdy late in the fourth quarter. Those are all key plays that helped Oklahoma secure a Big 12 championship, and they are all plays made by senior cornerback Tre Brown.

You’d be hard pressed to find another player in the country who has had a better three-year run than what Brown has had in Arlington, Texas. With 51 starts, and 141 tackles, under his belt since 2017 Brown has had his share of moments while wearing the crimson and cream but’s it’s the last three conference championship games that will elevate his status to legendary.

Which play would he rank #1?

“I’d say the sack against Sam Ehlinger,” Brown said when asked to rank the three plays following Saturday’s 27-21 win over Iowa State. “That was No. 1 because I went through so much that year, losing my mother and everything. Everything was just so cloudy for me, but I always kept my head up. It was my first one. It was my first Big 12 game, and I went out there and I made a play.”

What about #2 and #3?

“The next one I’d say is this one (Purdy interception). It’s pretty close between that one and the Baylor one. I got to show off my speed.”

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