Spencer Rattler Tabbed As One Of College Football’s Biggest Potential Earners In New NIL Era

It’s official. College athletes are going to start making money off their name, image, and likeness. And just as it is with recruiting, the way a school brands and markets their athletes is going to play a significant role in just how much they earn. While it’s yet to be seen how the NIL will affect smaller schools one thing is for certain, players are about to start raking in the cash and those who star for elite programs are going to benefit the most.

That’s where Spencer Rattler comes into this conversation. Oklahoma’s Heisman frontrunner, and potential 2022 top NFL draft pick, has already thrown his name into the mix with a declaration on how he plans to remain focused on academics and athletics while also cashing checks that come from the fame of being the key figure in Lincoln Riley’s offense. Kudos, to Rattler for already planning to donate a portion of his income to charity as well.

There’s no doubt that the NIL ushers in a new era of college athletics and there’s also no doubt that stars like Spencer Rattler are going to really enjoy what time they have left of their collegiate careers as their earning potential skyrockets. Just how much money can #7 make while donning the crimson and cream? That remains to be unseen but 247Sports has the redshirt sophomore at the top of their list of biggest potential earners in college football.

How much is Oklahoma’s star quarterback worth this season? If you’re Spencer Rattler in the NIL era, you’re likely in a great spot as one of college football’s most recognizable players. The Heisman frontrunner and projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft is front and center for a Playoff contender this summer with an opportunity and Oklahoma became the 18th state to approve an NIL bill earlier this month. It’ll be interesting to see if Rattler sets the barometer for top-flight players in the NIL and how much that will be. Companies are likely banging on his door to speak to him at this point.


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