3 Bold Predictions For The Oklahoma Sooners On Saturday Against Tulane

Spencer Rattler Throws For 300+ Yards

Primed to build upon prior success, Spencer Rattler enters the 2021 season as the unquestionable starter at the quarterback position. With big play ability and a natural bent toward throwing on the run, the signal caller is one of the most dangerous players in the country. Capable of making every throw, Rattler has a plethora of receivers at his disposal. Simply put, it’s easy to envision numerous games in which the quarterback eclipses the 300+ yard passing mark. However, there’s one kink in the chain of events for Saturday that may prevent Rattler from hitting the mark…playing time. There’s a real possibility that the most electric player in the league fails to appear late in the contest while giving way to younger talent. That alone may be the one hurdle that Rattler can’t overcome in the pursuit of a 300+ yard game.

Eric Gray Amasses 100 Rushing Yards Plus Another 100 Receiving Yards

With talent for days at the skill positions, the Oklahoma Sooners should have no problem getting things going offensively. Eric Gray is one of the most intriguing players on the roster for the upcoming season. As a transfer, the running back immediately gained notability as the room thinned out for various reasons. Not only an agile runner, Gray also is the best option to catch the ball coming out of the backfield. Allowing the offense to hum due to the versatility, the back should have an incredible showing on Saturday. Again, there’s one thing that could be the difference between gaining 100 yards on the ground and another 100 yards through the air…it’s that he’ll split time with Kennedy Brooks as a one, two punch. Additionally, OU is loaded at the receiver position forcing Gray to compete with players behind the defense competing for catches.

The Defense Produces 3 Turnovers

In nine regular season games during the 2020 campaign, the defense produced three or more turnovers in just two of those instances. Showing constant improvement under Alex Grinch, the group loses a few playmakers in the backfield who accounted for a portion of those turnovers. Needless to say, the newly minted starters are looking to make an immediate impact in 2021. The defense will have their work cut out for them if Tulane chooses to run the ball more often than not. But, the current expectation is for the Green Wave to lean into throwing the ball this year. That could result in mistakes from a underclass man at quarterback. Sure, the possibility of turnovers exists. But, will it be three or more? I’m saying yes!

3 Replies to “3 Bold Predictions For The Oklahoma Sooners On Saturday Against Tulane”

  1. Something odd about Oklahoma. Every year, their offense does well, but their defense gives up a ton of yards and many points. Will they never learn from teams like Alabama and Clemson?

    1. There’s an old adage that 90% of the game is mental. I agree something is odd but it has everything to do with the mentality of the team and possibly the coaches. Everyone believed the game was over at the half but clearly that was far from the case.

      A win is a win and the chase for eight remains intact. But another mental lapse moving forward won’t get this team there…

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