Sooners Enter Week Two Still Unsettled On The Offensive Line

There were a few changes made on Oklahoma’s depth chart from Week 1 to Week 2. Before the Sooners took the field for the season opener against Tulane there were twenty positions on the depth chart that listed one player or another. Heading into the official home opener against Western Carolina that number has dwindled down to fifteen.

“We’re gonna evolve as we go on,” Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley said about his team, and depth chart, on Thursday. “I mean, I think we’re still in the stages of learning about our football team. You know, we’ve had one game under our belt. We learned some things, I think, there.”

Among the positions that didn’t change from Tulane to Western Carolina is the offensive line. The depth chart for this Saturday looks exactly identical to last Saturday’s when it comes to the guys up front.

LT77Erik Swenson OR
71Anton Harrison
59Savion Byrd
LG54Marquis Hayes
77Erik Swenson
70 Brey Walker
C 66Robert Congel OR
73Andrew Raym
61 Ian McIver
RG56 Chris Murray
70Brey Walker
61Ian McIver
RT52Tyrese Robinson OR
64Wanya Morris
59 Savion Byrd

Both tackle and the center positions are still unsettled and the first Big 12 game is two weeks away. I would think that Riley and offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh would like to have things a bit more settled going into next week’s Nebraska game. That would give the recently settled upon starting five one full game to gel before West Virginia comes to town to begin conference play.

Riley is high on what he saw from his guys up front against Tulane. On Tuesday he praised their pass protection and then went on to say that they are absolutely not settled yet. “Still trying to find that best five,” Riley said. “And it wouldn’t shock me if that doesn’t evolve. Because we do have some good players that are right there that I think are going to push as the year goes on.”

It really leaves the door open for this to be a continual competition that could result in a new starting five each week.

Week 2 Depth Chart Changes

Quarterback – None

Running Back – None

H-Back – None

Left Tackle – None

Left Guard – None

Center – None

Right Guard – None

Right Tackle – None

X Receiver – None

Y Receiver – Drake Stoops drops to #3 behind Marvin Mims and Brian Darby.

Z Receiver – None

Defensive End – None

Nose Guard – Kori Roberson moves from #3 to #2 behind Perrion Winfrey. Jordan Kelley drops from #2 to #4 and Isaiah Coe moves from #4 to #3.

Defensive Tackle – None

Mike Linebacker – Danny Stutsman moves to #2 from #3. Brian Mead moves from #4 to #3 and DaShaun White drops out of the rotation.

Will Linebacker – DaShaun White moves from #2 to #1. Brian Asamoah moves from #1 to #2.

Rush – None

Corner – None

Corner – None

Strong Safety – None

Free Safety – None

Nickel – None

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