Post Week 8 Big 12 Power Rankings | A Lot Has Changed

As the season goes on it seems like each week is getting better and better. We saw Kansas nearly upset Oklahoma this weekend, and two matchups so close that both games were settled by a total of 4 points. Our staff rankings showed quite a lot of movement from last week. We’ve got a new team in the top three, and a new one in the bottom two spots as well.

Holding Steady

The Sooners keep their spot at the top once again despite their poor outing against Kansas. The Jayhawks also stayed in dead last as they still look for their first conference win in a long time. The only other team to hold steady this week was Texas after having Saturday off.

Moving Up

Kansas State and West Virginia each moved up two spots after picking up their first conference wins of the season. The Baylor Bears moved into second place thanks to Iowa State beating Oklahoma State in a close game. The Cyclones round out the top three this week as they look to make their famous October run.

Trending In The Wrong Direction

No one fell more spots this week than TCU who dropped from 6th to 9th. They’ve been falling apart more and more each week and things aren’t looking great in Fort Worth. Oklahoma State took the second biggest fall dropping from 2nd to 4th. The Cowboys still control their own destiny, so don’t count them out just yet.

2021 Heartland Sports Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma40
2. Baylor34
3. Iowa State32
4. Oklahoma State30
5. Texas24
6. Kansas State19
7. West Virginia16
8. Texas Tech11
9. TCU10
10. Kansas4

Individual Thoughts


  1. Oklahoma | The Sooners have found a way to win “ugly games” this season, but how much longer can it last? They now face one of the toughest remaining schedules in the country. Oklahoma needs to get things figured out in a hurry.

2. Iowa State | The Cyclones took down #8 Oklahoma State this week for what I consider one of the best wins so far this season in the Big 12. Iowa State always finds a way to make a push this time of year, and their schedule ahead makes this a real possibility for them.

3. Baylor | The Bears had the week off which is why I kept them at number three rather than moving them up a spot. I do think Baylor is one of the best teams in the conference this year, but they’ve not shown any reason to be in the top two.

4. Oklahoma State

5. Texas

6. Kansas State

7. West Virginia

8. Texas Tech

9. TCU | There isn’t another program in the Big 12 trending downwards as bad as TCU right now. They’ve now lost four out of their last five games.

10. Kansas | Kansas was so close to jumping up a few spots this week. They held a lead over Oklahoma for most of the game but couldn’t close it out in the end. Maybe this will be the spark the Jayhawks needed to turn things around.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners really struggled on Saturday against Kansas, but they managed to pull out the win in Lawrence. They get the Red Raiders at home this weekend, so it should be an easy one.

2. Oklahoma State | The Cowboys lost a close one, but I’m not dropping them, especially because of how they lost in the end. 

3. Baylor | The Bears enjoyed a week off after their big win over BYU, and now they host Texas. This should be a high-scoring affair, so expect plenty of entertainment. 

4. Iowa State

5. Texas

6. West Virginia

7. Kansas State

8. TCU

9. Texas Tech | The Red Raiders led Kansas State by 2 touchdowns throughout the first half, but they were unable to hold on. Their next 4 games are against the top 4 teams in the Big 12, so don’t expect another win for Texas Tech.

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks put up a valiant effort against the Sooners on Saturday, but they couldn’t finish the job, so the bottom is where they stay. 


1. Oklahoma | The national narrative surrounding the Sooners continues to be of interest to me while other teams get a pass. Still, the only undefeated program in the conference, OU is control of their own destiny here.

2. Baylor | The surprise team of the year benefits from having a week off. Despite not playing, the Bears move up a spot this week by virtue of other teams losing.

3. Iowa State | It’s becoming clear that the Cyclones are still a good football team. They’re not great like many expected though. Hosting a ranked opponent, the program finally avoided the hurdle and capture a win. It’s enough to put the group in the conversation for Big 12 Championship Game at the moment.

4. Oklahoma State

5. Texas

6. Kansas State

7.  Texas Tech

8. West Virginia

9. TCU | Simply treading water at this point, it’s hard to pinpoint the identity of this program. Surrendering 500 yards to a team that hasn’t won a game in over a month is a bad look for Gary Patterson and Co. Needless to say, this team is sliding backwards quickly.

10. Kansas | A first half effort has fallen on deaf ears over the weekend. Looking for any kind of momentum at this point of the season, the Jayhawks are still at the bottom of the heap.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners’ win at Kansas was about as ugly as it gets but they are the only Big 12 team with an unblemished record. Has there ever been an 8-0 OU football team that makes fans more angry than this one does?

2. Baylor | Who would have thought the Bears could rise back to this point so quickly. We’re just three weeks out from Baylor’s loss at Oklahoma State. 

3. Iowa State | In a “must win” game the Cyclones got it done. Iowa State is playing its best football of the season and could be peaking at just the right time. 

4. Oklahoma State 

5. Texas 

6. Kansas State 

7. West Virginia 

8. TCU 

9. Texas Tech | The ebb and flow of the Red Raiders this season is astounding to me. I really don’t think they’re the second worst team in the conference but I also can’t make a good argument as to why they shouldn’t be ranked here. 

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks gave Oklahoma their best shot on Saturday and came up short. No shame in that loss at all. 

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