Are You Comfortable with coaches from other schools leading the Sooners in the Alamo Bowl?

One of the topics that has gained a lot of traction recently is that Calvin Thibodeaux, Brian Odom, and Jamar Cain are returning to coach the Sooners when they take on Oregon in the Alamo Bowl on December 30th. Obviously there are multiple opinions on this, especially when you consider that Cain and Odom are coming back to Norman from USC.

This is a topic that we addressed in one of last week’s podcast episodes where we hit it up from two different angles. That said, we’d really love to know your opinion on the matter so make sure to drop a comment below.

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4 Replies to “Are You Comfortable with coaches from other schools leading the Sooners in the Alamo Bowl?”

    1. You can’t trust people who have already stolen players. Will they be coaching this game or recruiting more players? They sure didn’t coach any defense during the OSU debacle. Will Rogers said that when the Okies left for California it raised the I.Q.s of both places.

  1. Kudos to these Coaches. Their character is on full display. Who would waste their time doing this if their heart wasn’t in it? They don’t have to help out this team, but they chose to give their time and effort (over the holidays mind you!) I have the greatest respect for these men! The players know it’s real too – if their motives were’nt from the right place, it would be evident to the players and all to see.

  2. The players that left with Riley weren’t here for OU – they were here because of their perception of what Riley could do for them. If a player doesn’t want to be at OU – bye and good luck. Replace them with players they do value being at OU. I don’t believe the AD and President are stupid and would allow any coach that they had ANY reservations about, to come to the facilities with malintent. . I don’t see Manning or Grinch on the list of showing up to help. All is fine and OU is better off now without riley and his staff. The Big 12 teams were figuring riley out and each year under riley, every game got tighter and tighter and riley couldn’t make strong gametime adjustments.
    Riley and his staff needed to go to the pac 10 – can you imagine his lack of success in the sec? And he knew it! Thats why he fled

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