Sooner Nation Podcast | Who Gets The Blame For Oklahoma’s Loss To Kansas State?

Things went poorly for the Sooners on Owen Field Saturday night and the blame game spilled over from the weekend. I’ll breakdown how the Sooners lost and how some of the “individual” blaming is probably inaccurate.

Episode Talking Points

  • Discussing two bad “hot takes”
  • Not Dillon Gabriel’s fault
  • Not the PA announcer’s fault
  • Six plays that show the loss was a group effort and not on an individual
  • There is some good news
  • True or False?
  • The Big 12 Rundown

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2 Replies to “Sooner Nation Podcast | Who Gets The Blame For Oklahoma’s Loss To Kansas State?”

  1. Ok I tried this once, I’ll try again.
    I caught your podcast. Really enjoyed it. The six plays were spot on.
    I do think the pa announcer needs to keep his head in the game. There’s a reason the band quits playing when the huddle breaks. The band geeks are smarter than the techno geeks.
    T/F. OU and Texas are considered traitors by the rest of the B12 and that motivation is going to result in losses for both
    T/F. KSU recruits 3 star players and they are hungrier than the prima donnas we go after.
    T/F. That was the worst Bedenbaugh coached line I’ve ever seen.
    T/F. Behind Gray we have no real threat in the running game.

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