Oklahoma vs Texas | A Look At The Quarterbacks

How are we feeling Sooner fans? Oklahoma is off to their second 0-2 start in conference play in the last three seasons. The last time this happened in 2020, the Sooners ran the table and ended up winning the Big 12 Championship. Things don’t quite feel the same this time though. After getting dominated in every aspect of the game for two weeks in a row, there isn’t much to be optimistic about.

Nonetheless it is still Texas hate week. Not only is this the first time that the Red River Rivalry has featured two unranked teams since 1998, this is the first time in quite awhile that there hasn’t been a clear starter at the quarterback position for either team. We’ve got a ton of guys to briefly talk about in this matchup, so let’s jump right into it.

Texas Longhorns

Head Coach Steve Sarkisian named the Ohio State transfer Quinn Ewers the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season. He was injured in the first quarter of the Alabama game and has been out since. Hudson Card who is in his third year with Texas has been QB1 for the other three games since then, and has led the team to a 2-1 record.

It seems as if Quinn Ewers might be healthy enough for a return this weekend. Although Sarkisian hasn’t given any type of update as to who will be starter on Saturday. He has said in the past that when healthy Ewers will be QB1. That leads me to believe that if he really is ready to go the Sooners should expect to see him. But, with the way Card has been playing should the Longhorns risk bringing Ewers back too early? Especially against a depleted Oklahoma team that might not pose a huge threat.

It doesn’t matter which guy the Longhorns go with, Oklahoma is going to have their hands full. Quinn Ewers was the top rated recruit of the 2021 class. Before getting injured in the beginning of his second game he threw for 359 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Card has stepped up and has completed 69% of his passes for 923 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Texas certainly has a big decision to make, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see both guys receive some reps this weekend.

Oklahoma Sooners

If you thought the QB situation for Texas looked unclear just wait until you take a look at Oklahoma. Dillon Gabriel suffered a concussion last week against TCU on a late hit. Gabriel gave himself up by sliding, but ended up taking a shot to the head in the process. There has been no update as of now on his availability for this weekend. It feels safe to assume that he will not be suiting up. But, he was seen in pads during a video the Sooners posted from practice.

If Gabriel is not good to go this weekend, who steps up for the Sooners in one of the biggest games of the season? Davis Beville is the next guy up, but he hasn’t shown the ability to throw the ball vertically. He doesn’t seem confident in his ability, and the Sooners Offensive Coordinator Jeff Lebby doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in him either based on his play calling.

It’s been reported that Beville, Nick Evers, and General Booty have all been taking elevated snaps in practice this week. I like the odds of seeing Nick Evers if Gabriel doesn’t play. He has a lot of raw talent and the ability to extend plays with his feet. The run game is obviously going to be the key to success this week, so why not go with the most mobile quarterback?

As far as General Booty goes, I don’t think anyone would really want to see him play if his name was anything else. What does it say about Booty that he was never given a chance even with how bad Beville was playing last week.

One thing Oklahoma fans have learned very quickly is that this is the least talented QB room the Sooners have had in a very long time. If we are being honest, there isn’t much else after Dillon Gabriel. Let’s hope this team can figure out things on the offensive line so that a solid run game can be established. Otherwise, the Sooners will find it tough to put points on the board.

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