“We Don’t Always Have To Hit Home Runs” | Here’s Who Said What After Oklahoma’s Opening Win In The Women’s College World Series

Oklahoma moved past Stanford, in its opener of the Women’s College World Series, thanks to a clutch hit by Jayda Coleman in the bottom of the fifth inning that would plate Avery Hodge and Rylie Boone. Those ended up being the only two runs scored in the game as the Sooners won a pitcher’s duel 2-0.

Jordy Bahl got the best of Stanford’s NiJaree Canady by pitching a complete-game, 11-strikeout shutout. For her part, Canady kept Oklahoma’s offense frustrated and stagnant until the fifth inning. The NCAA Freshman of the Year allowed just four hits, through five innings of work, while striking out seven Sooner batters and allowing just the two runs.

Here’s what Patty Gasso, Jayda Coleman, and Jordy Bahl had to say after the game.

“We knew what we were running into in the way of Nija, and she has become one of the hardest throwing, ball moving freshman I’ve ever seen. So I feel like we got a really tough, tough matchup. Their pitching staff is really good.” – Patty Gasso opening statement

“We made her throw over sixty pitches up to, like, the third inning, and the goal was to keep fighting and get her to keep throwing and maybe tire her out.” – Patty Gasso on Oklahoma’s approach to Stanford pitcher Nija Canady

“Thankfully Jordy was absolutely on her game. She was just a boss today and it was fun to watch that. Especially not getting the opportunity she wanted last year and just making the most of it from day one.” – Patty Gasso on Oklahoma pitcher Jordy Bahl

“Just…Jayda and Boone, and uh, these guys just really starting to put a few things together there was rally, really important. But that was a, probably, one of the most stressful, struggling first games we’ve had, that I can remember, in a long time.” Patty Gasso on the 2-0 win over Stanford in their opener of the Women’s College World Series

“I think those really long at bats, even though we weren’t scoring, I think our team was still very motivated. We knew that we were having good at bats.” – Jayda Coleman on the impact of fouling balls all and raising Nija Canady’s pitch count

“Those are honestly the situations you like to be in as a pitcher at times. Because when teams press you like that it makes you be your best and you can’t take a pitch off, and it’s a good test. And so, those moments are kind of fun even though they’re really high stressed at times.” – Jordy Bahl on the moments when Stanford had multiple runners on base

“She is so smart about the game. So a lot of the times when we go in there between innings we’re just talking about maybe what it felt like, what we felt from the hitters, and then just going off that to plan for the next time we’re going to see them.” – Jordy Bahl on her dugout conversations with pitching coach Jen Rocha

“Yeah, I think she really just wanted, she wanted to throw 75…which I think she was throwing 75 miles per hour. But she was really starting ahead, she was getting strikes but I think we realized that we needed to take those pitches up in the zone and for some reason we felt that we needed to swing at them. But, um, we got a little more disciplined as the innings went on and just kind of letting those go and just really, um, focusing on the strikes that were lower in the zone. – Jayda Coleman on adjusting to Stanford pitcher Nija Canady

“She is a party starter. I don’t think people talk about her enough.” – Jayda Coleman on Rylie Boone’s ability to get on base in clutch situations

“I think is shows that we don’t always have to hit home runs. We can be the team that’s just scrappy, that’s just put the ball in play, hit low line drives. I think sometimes people want us to just jack home runs and that just doesn’t win it all the time.” – Jayda Coleman on the team scoring two runs against Stanford’s outstanding pitching staff

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