What Is The Most Popular Sport in Oklahoma?

Opinions drive the market when it comes to conversations about sports, especially during the off-seasons, and fans can be just as passionate about their favorite sports as they are about their favorite sports team. Oklahoma is certainly no exception to that as the state boast multiple opportunities for fans to scream passionately across multiple types of fields and courts. So, let the debate begin. Which sport is most popular here in the Sooner State?

Nestled in the heartland of America, Oklahoma boasts a rich sports culture that has captured the hearts of many sports enthusiasts. From the rush of football and basketball to the adrenaline-pumping rodeos and wrestling matches, the state has something for everyone. With that, sports betting in Oklahoma has also been gaining popularity in recent years, with numerous out-of-state sportsbooks available for residents to take part in. Sites also offer deals to Oklahomans, such as this BetMGM bonus code, which allow residents of the state to get a great deal on their sports wagers. Looking at the games that wagers are placed on is a good way to determine the popularity of the sport.


Baseball is America’s national pastime, and Oklahomans love it. The state has two Minor League Baseball teams, the Tulsa Drillers, and the Oklahoma City Dodgers. The Tulsa Drillers have been a part of Oklahoma’s sports culture since the early 1900s and have won several championships. Baseball is also popular in high schools and colleges, with the state producing some of the best baseball players in the country. Both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State qualified for the 2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament, thus solidifying it’s place among the one of the more popular sports in the state.


Basketball is another sport that Oklahomans are passionate about. The state has produced NBA stars like Blake Griffin, Trae Young, and Buddy Hield, who have put Oklahoma on the basketball map. The Oklahoma City Thunder, the state’s only NBA team, has a massive following, and its games are a spectacle to watch. Basketball is also popular in high schools and colleges, with the state producing some of the best basketball talent in the country.


I’ll be truly shocked if football isn’t the most popular sport in Oklahoma, because almost every Oklahoman has a football story to tell. The sport has a rich history in the state, dating back to the early 1890s, when the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University started their football programs. Since then, football has become a way of life in Oklahoma, with high school and college games drawing massive crowds every week.


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Golf may not be as popular as football or basketball, but it has a significant following in Oklahoma. The state has over 300 golf courses, making it a golfer’s paradise. Golf tournaments are held throughout the state, with the Oklahoma Open being the most prestigious. The state has produced several golfers who have gone on to play in the PGA, including Bob Tway and Todd Hamilton.


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Rodeo is not just a sport in Oklahoma; it’s a way of life. The state has a rich rodeo tradition, with events like bull riding, calf roping, and steer wrestling drawing huge crowds. The state hosts several rodeos throughout the year, including the Tulsa State Fair Rodeo and the Lawton Rangers Rodeo. Oklahomans take their rodeo seriously, and it’s not uncommon to see entire families attending rodeo events dressed in cowboy hats and boots.


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Soccer may not be as popular as football or basketball, but it has a significant following in Oklahoma. The state has several soccer clubs, including Oklahoma City Energy FC and FC Tulsa. Soccer is also popular in high schools and colleges, with the state producing some of the best soccer players in the country. If you don’t believe me then try taking in a Bedlam match next season.


Softball is another sport that Oklahomans love. The state hosts the Women’s College World Series, which is the pinnacle of college softball in the country. The University of Oklahoma has won several championships, making it one of the best softball programs in the country, and is playing against Florida State for this year’s crown. The event has featured both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in each of the last two years as well. Softball has long been popular at the high school level.


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Oklahoma is a state that has a rich wrestling tradition, with high school wrestling matches drawing huge crowds. Wrestling is also popular in colleges, with the Oklahoma State University wrestling team winning several national championships. The sport has produced wrestling legends like John Smith and Dan Hodge, who are still revered in the state.


Oklahoma has a rich sporting culture that is deeply ingrained in its history and heritage. The state’s love for football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, golf, rodeo, soccer, and softball aren’t just sports here. They define communities, high schools, and universities. Sports are a way to a better life, or even the continuation of legacies, in the Sooner State. The sports mentioned above are just a few of the many sports that Oklahomans love, and it would take a lifetime to explore them all. If you’re a sports enthusiast, then hit us up in the comments section and tell us which is your favorite and why.

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  1. No question for me it’s OU football. I wouldn’t drive to Texas to see any of the other sports, although I’ve also had season tickets to Basketball and the Dodgers. Softball has been my favorite spring/summer game for sure though. They are amazing and we are so fortunate to have them here.
    We did leave out one very important sport though. One that set’s Oklahoma apart from the rest of the nation, Noodling. We are the noodling capital of the world. 🍻

    1. I agree. I think, hands down, it’s football. However, with softball on the rise the way it is (OKC getting a pro team) I am curious as to where that sport places in light of baseball and basketball.

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