2023 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 12

2023 Heartland Sports Big 12 Power RankingsWeek 12

1. Texas42
2. Oklahoma38
3. Oklahoma State35
4. Kansas State33
5. Iowa State31
6. West Virginia24
6. Kansas24
8. Texas Tech23
9. TCU16
9. UCF16
11. Cincinnati9
12. Baylor8
12. UCF8
12. Cincinnati8

Individual Thoughts


1. Texas | Texas had to stay alive in a rough fourth quarter against TCU. Nonetheless they remain at the top of the conference.

2. Oklahoma | The Sooners bounced back this weekend with a big win over West Virginia. They still need a little help from the rest of the Big 12 to get back into contention for the championship game. 

3. Oklahoma State | A week after I admitted I was wrong about the Cowboys they come out an lay an egg against UCF. Will be interesting to see how this team responds over the next two weeks. 

4. Kansas State

5. Iowa State 

6. Texas Tech

7. Kansas 

8. West Virginia 

9. TCU

10. UCF

11. BYU 

12. Houston 

13. Cincinnati | Congrats to the Bearcats for getting their first win in the Big 12. They get to move out of the bottom spot for a week. 

14. Baylor | The Bears disappointing season continued last weekend with a blowout loss to Kansas State. Baylor is officially not going bowling this year. 


1. Texas | The Longhorns survived TCU, but a win is a win, and they sit atop the Big 12 all by themselves.

2. Oklahoma | The Sooners bounced back in a big way against West Virginia at home. Their Big 12 Championship game hopes are still alive.

3. Iowa State | The Cyclones probably don’t get enough attention, and despite that close loss to Kansas, they’ve looked pretty good in conference play. They have a really tough next two weeks, though, as they host Texas and have to travel to Manhattan to play K-State.

4. Kansas State

5. Oklahoma State

6. West Virginia

7. TCU

8. Texas Tech

9. Kansas

10. UCF

11. Baylor

12. BYU

13. Cincinnati | The Bearcats FINALLY got a win, but it was against Houston, who isn’t exactly great. They move up a spot.

14. Houston | The Cougars have managed two close wins in conference play, but they’ve hit a new bottom by losing to Cincinnati. They host Oklahoma State this week, so that could be an interesting game after the Cowboys were trounced by UCF in Orlando.


1. Texas | This is absolutely a default first place vote for the Longhorns. I don’t think that you can argue that they’re the best team in the Big 12 but they’re definitely playing with fire each weekend.

2. Oklahoma State | Yes, they lost. They lost bad. I’m going to offer a bit of a pass here because there could have been a Bedlam hangover involved in that UCF loss last weekend. They also own wins over Oklahoma and Kansas State so there’s that argument as well.

3. Oklahoma | The Sooners looked the best that they have in nearly a month. Getting some guys back healthy had a lot to do with that.

4. Kansas State

5. Kansas

6. Iowa State

7. West Virginia

8. Texas Tech

9. UCF

10. Cincinnati

11. Houston

12. Baylor

13. TCU | These bottom four teams are interchangeable. TCU is a mystery to me. They certainly should be better but they just aren’t.

14. BYU | The bottom spot is a revolving door. Welcome to the Big 12, BYU.

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