Goodbye Kevin Durant

For the last eight years Kevin Durant has been nothing short of outstanding for Oklahoma City. Durant has laid a foundation for professional basketball here in the Sooner State. He has given OKC more than we ever thought was possible. Whether it was taking us to the Finals in 2012 or donating millions to the community, he was our MVP long before he became the NBA’s MVP.

Durant now has made the decision to play for the Golden State Warriors. He will be signing a two-year 54.3 million dollar contract and will be joining a superstar team that went 73-9 last season. Why would he need to join a team with such talent? Perhaps he thought Westbrook, Adams, and the coaching staff around him were not enough. Maybe, he got the feeling Westbrook would not be sticking around long-term. Or maybe, he did not think he was capable of winning a title as the best player on the team. Whatever it is, the decision has been made.

Kevin Durant averaged 28.1 points per game while he was in OKC. He led the team to four Western Conference Finals and the NBA Finals in 2012. He brought home four scoring titles and one MVP award. Here are some of KD’s best moments in Oklahoma City:

Article written by Craig Hofeld. Follow @thethunderguys on Twitter.

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