Stolen In Stillwater! Central Michigan 30 – Oklahoma State 27

For sixty minutes of football Oklahoma State had beaten Central Michigan but a controversial untimed down was a dagger straight through the heart of the Cowboys. The Chippewas used that extra play to orchestrate a miraculous 51-yard hook and ladder for the game winning touchdown.

While one play should never be blamed as the deciding factor in a ballgame, the decision to give Central Michigan an untimed down off an offensive intentional grounding penalty will forever remain a bone of contention for OSU fans. The reality is that there was much more the Cowboys could and should have done.

We Should Second Guess Coaching Decisions

I mean, why not? Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy agrees with us. If he can second guess then why can’t we? “Even if the officials got it wrong, it was still a dumb call on my part,” Oklahoma State Gundy said afterwards. He’s absolutely right as well. Punt the ball away and you most likely kill the clock, even if you boot it twenty rows up into the stands.

Mason Rudolph Wasn’t Sharp

If it wasn’t a trow at, or behind, the line of scrimmage then it was a struggle for Rudolph. The fourth quarter interception was a microcosm of a struggle that had been there all day. Having perhaps the most talent corps of receivers in the Big 12 helped with some of the high balls but others, like the interception, had no chance of getting caught.

Running Back By Committee Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

It’s a good thought by I’m not convinced it’s the answer. Justice Hill averaged 6.2 yards per carry but only got five touches. Chris Carson averaged 3.4 yards per carry and got eight touches. I’m not covenanted that the struggled to run the ball isn’t more philosophical than it is physical.

More recaps coming later.

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