Quick Post Game Thoughts on the Oklahoma Sooners 59-17 Win Over Louisiana Monroe


The Sooners flexed their muscle in the first half (as they should considering the opponent) jumping out to a 42-0 halftime lead. Sadly because of the silly PPV many Sooner fans were unable to watch what was probably the most true freshman I’ve ever seen play for the Sooners. Here are some quick post game thoughts on the Sooners win in Norman.

– Injuries… DJ Ward will likely have to be monitored for a concussion and Marquis Overton left the field a bit early. Flowers was shaken up as was Charles Walker. Hopefully everything is just minor and everyone will be good to go next Saturday.

– The play calling was much more creative than last week at Houston. While the change in competition surely had something to do with that check out these plays.

-Play Mykel Jones A WHOLE LOT.

-Same with Caleb Kelly

-Same with Neville Gallimore

-Same with Amani Bledsoe

These guys were all over the place tonight, and if Gallimore can continue to improve he has 1st round pick potential.

-The defensive reserves had a rough 3rd quarter, but they grew up some in the 4th. This experience will go a long ways towards helping them in the future.

-Obo’s pass rushing skills are pretty legit

-Austin Kendall played well completing 12 of 15 passes for 108 yards and 2 touchdowns. While the Sooners certainly can’t afford an injury to Mayfield, Kendall showed flashes of being more than just a serviceable backup.

-The Sooners are not as bad as they were against Houston. I expect Ohio State to be a war next Saturday.

-The new stadium is incredible.

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