Sooner Nation Podcast | There’s Good News!

The Sooners were pummeled by Ohio State on Saturday night and subsequently dropped from the Coaches Poll. They are 1-2 on the season now and barely hanging on in the AP, there’s actually a little bit of good news. We may not want to hear it but there really is some good news…and a dose of reality that we don’t actually know how good, or bad, the Oklahoma actually is.

As for the loss itself, well, I think the blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of two specific positions, and one of them may surprise you. Let’s just say that the Buckeyes were absolutely watching film of the Houston game and that the Sooners haven’t quite fixed the problems the Cougars exposed on opening day.

The Big 12 also took another shot to the mouth this weekend and is all but eliminated from the playoff hunt. I’ll tell you why a one-loss Texas of Oklahoma State is much different than what a one-loss Oklahoma team would have been.


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