Countdown to Tip-Off | 31 Days

When Enes Kanter joined the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second half of the 2014-15 season, Thunder fans were excited to see the statistical output that he would bring to the team. Despite not being a starter, Kanter has fared well with the Thunder, putting up some impressive numbers.

One area that Enes has without a doubt made an impact on is his relationship with other Thunder players. Kanter is regularly voicing his support for his fellow teammates, especially for guys like Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams. Last season, Kanter and Adams joined forces to become known as the ‘Stache Bros. Rocking some of the most amazing facial hair in the NBA, Kanter and Adams are a lot of fun to watch on the court.

One statistical category that the ‘Stache Bros excel in is double-doubles. In the 2015-16 season alone, the Bros combined for 31 total double-doubles, Kanter with 25 and Adams with 6. These stats come as no surprise as the ‘Stache Bros were a major component in helping the Thunder lead the league in rebounds.

Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are without a doubt one of the most fun duos in the NBA to watch together, whether it be on or off the court. Keep a close on these two, as they will without a doubt continue to put up huge numbers in the upcoming season. It would come as no surprise if they were to increase the total number of double-doubles by maybe even double.

Article written by Zack Low. Follow @thethunderguys on Twitter.

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