Countdown to Tip-Off | 30 Days


In July of this year, Michael Jordan unveiled the Jordan XXXIs. He released that Russell Westbrook will be the shoe’s primary endorser. Jordan has always had great things to say about Westbrook.  He has always loved his work ethic and his competitive drive.

What Jordan said this time was a bit different.  He stated during the release of the shoes that Westbrook reminded him of himself 30 years ago. “Thirty years ago, that’s me,” He told Complex Sports’ Russ Bengston. “The attitude, trying to prove myself. Showing so much passion for the game of basketball. You see it in his play. You can tell he loves the game. He plays with energy and flair.”

Westbrook is no stranger to receiving positive comments about his game from former players. However, those comments aren’t usually from the greatest of all time.  He admitted to being a little taken aback by Jordan’s comments. He said, “I really don’t know what to say. To have the best player who ever played the game to say that about you as a player and as a person is something that is going to keep me striving.”

There is no doubt that Westbrook is on his way to being one of the all-time greats.  He has the stats, he has the team, and now he has the legacy here in Oklahoma City that all the other greats have.  The only thing he needs is a few rings, and those rings can’t come soon enough.

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