Thunder Nation Podcast | How Far Can Russell Westbrook Carry The Team?

When the Thunder take the court in Philly on Wednesday night they’ll feature a brand new roster. We’ll go into some detail about which of the new players we are most anxious to see and what they bring to the franchise.

We’ll also discuss exactly how much is riding on Russell Westbrook’s shoulders, and how much of the weight is healthy for the team.

With a road trip to California looming next week, it seems pretty important that OKC sweep the opening week, right?

If the over/under on wins for the Thunder was a 45, which side would you be on? Also, where would you project their playoff seeding, fourth and higher or fourth and lower?

In our crazy trade scenario we discuss the pros and cons of Blake Griffin coming to OKC.

As the Heartland Sports staff weighs in on these topics we’d sure like to hear your opinions as well. Use the comments section to share your thoughts or email us at heartland_sports at Thanks for listening!

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