Polar Opposites Episode 3 | Are OKC & The Warriors Even A Rivalry Anymore?

Matt and Craig are back at it with differing opinions. Front and center in this episode is the recent game with Golden State. OKC’s loss equaled a season sweep for the Warriors, so does that mean it’s time to put this rivalry to rest? Is it even a rivalry anymore?

Russell Westbrook posted a respectable stat-line…for an average NBA player. Where does he stand in terms of the MVP race? You may be surprised where our respective positions are on this one.

Can Oklahoma City catch the Clippers for the 5th seed? Yup, we’ve still got that debate going on and we’ll both make our arguments.

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One Reply to “Polar Opposites Episode 3 | Are OKC & The Warriors Even A Rivalry Anymore?”

  1. Sad to say, but it appears the Warriors have taken up residence in the collective minds of the Thunder players. I can’t come up with any other explanation for the collection of shots that were missed badly that the good guys normally make. Yes, Ron Adams is an outstanding defensive coach, but it didn’t seem like his scheme was the cause for the missed shots in the paint and the poor showing from behind the arc.

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