Turkish Government Issues Arrest Warrant For Oklahoma City Center Enes Kanter

Just when you thought the situation surrounding Enes Kanter couldn’t get more bizarre, it absolutely does. On Friday the Turkish government issued a warrant for the Oklahoma City center for being a member of a “terror group,” according to The Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper.

Following his detainment last week in Romania ,after the Turkish government revoked his passport, Kanter said that current Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the “Hitler of this century.”

Kanter has been a vocal supporter of Muslim spiritual leader Fethullah Gulen and the “Gulen Movement” and Erdogan blames the exiled cleric for a military coup attempt in 2016. Last summer Kanter was disowned by his family in Turkey as a result of his support of Gulen.

According to The Daily Sabah, the warrant “refers to Kanter’s alleged use of an encrypted messaging application called Bylock, which Turkey claims was especially created for Gulen supporters.”

Kanter stated in interviews last week that he hasn’t spoken to his family in nearly two years and has plans to try an gain United States citizenship.

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