Oklahoma Sooners Football | Lincoln Riley Planning To Reveal New Alternate Uniform?

The Oklahoma Sooners are a month away from kickoff which signaled the annual Coaches Luncheon. Stepping up to the stage during the fundraiser event, Lincoln Riley fielded a question centered around the idea of alternate uniforms. However, his answer may have been met with mixed reviews.

In the past the Sooners have stuck to a national recognizable brand — the crimson and cream. Opting for an alternate option, OU introduced the “Bring the Wood” uniform in 2014. Yet, across the nation, alternate uniforms have been used as a recruiting tool. Initially sparked by the Nike backed Oregon Ducks, other programs have jumped on board including the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

While success on the field typically trumps any other recruiting gimmick, there’s no denying uniform options impress those looking to play at a university. So, what exactly did Head Coach Lincoln Riley say at the luncheon?

“We have some good plans. There’s a balance with that.”

At this point anyone’s guess is as good as mine when it comes to what these “alternate uniforms” will look like assuming the manifest themselves this season.

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